My Story of Pensioner Fitness

My Story of Pensioner Fitness. I served in the British army and reached a warrant officer rank. After leaving the Army, I went to work with international security companies. This was challenging work with a heavy responsibility to protect those I was responsible for, I worked in some dangerous security challenged areas, across a number of countries. Furthermore, In my 60s, I started a new position as the General Manager for a mining minerals company in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


When the Ebola disease became a serious threat in the DRC, it was during my home leave. And, with the situation becoming serious, we decided that I could not go back at that time. I would wait and see how things turned out; however, I decided not to return and looked for other work. I tried to get more work, but age had caught up with me, and I could not get anything.


My Story of Pensioner Fitness. A few years flew by, and at 71, I could no longer get work due to age. So, having worked all my life. I felt frustrated. Therefore, I needed something to do. So then, my decision to start training again was to give me a goal to aim for. And, to keep me focused. Furthermore, I decided to approach training by going online to find a suitable system for my age. As a result, there were plenty of good sites with great coaches running fitness for the older generation.


What I noticed with them was a young person showing older people how to exercise, which is great. However, I thought how could these trainers, know or even begin to understand. What a 70-year-old body feels like. For example, they explain all about good form and doing the exercises with the same precision. However, at this age, my old bones do not conform to the perfect form, for each exercise. Likewise, you are almost certainly going to be the same.


My Story of Pensioner Fitness. So then, at 71, I wanted to start training as a way to occupy my time. And, to give me a goal to aim for. However, when I could not complete a single press-up. It left me confused and embarrassed. For instance, I could not understand why I was so weak. So then, I needed to find the reason and do something about it. As a result, researching online, I found that people naturally lose muscle and strength as they age. And, its called Sarcopenia and begins in your mid-30s. I found out that sarcopenia sheds 1% of your muscle mass each year. So then this continues to around age 50. At that stage, you will have lost 10 to 12% of your muscle mass. However, it speeds up after that, and by retirement age, it is well advanced perhaps as much as 40% by the time you reach 70.


Somatopause is another natural process that affects you. For example, from the mid-40s people also secret less human growth hormone (HGH) this continues to the end of life. Hence, symptoms start with putting on weight. And is often called the middle-aged spread. But it is more than a few extra pounds, that are difficult to lose. Subsequently causing the loss of bone density and a weakened immune system. As a result, increasing the possibility of serious diseases entering the body. Also, with the loss of bone density, the risk of life-threatening injuries are increased if you fall


The interesting thing about this is it does not have to be that way. You can prevent weakness from sarcopenia. Generally, resistance training, regardless of age, can strengthen muscles and improve bone density. So, with a little bit of determination and resistance training. Anyone can improve their strength at any age and have the ability to carry out normal daily tasks. And be independent regardless of their age. once you strengthen your muscles, training can increase and start to target Somatopause, with specific exercises.


Living on a pension is not easy for most people; gym memberships are expensive, and so is equipment. However, I wanted to train at home using resources from my home. And I would like to show others how to do that and get stronger. And retain their independence, in an age-friendly way. For the most part, this will cost nothing as you can use household items and I will show you how.


After some experimenting, I could see results as my strength improved. Consequently, now I am much fitter and stronger. And I wanted to help others to do the same. Besides, it gave me the idea to create pensioner I will be helping you to improve Fitness, Flexibility and Balance. Also, tips and benefits of healthy Nutrition. My long experience working in security will also give you tips and ideas on staying secure and preventing you from becoming a victim.


With my help, you can reverse your muscle loss and get stronger at home at almost no cost. When you are with and registered. Together we can fight the ravages of age, get stronger and remain independent. Let me help you: ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE, and more importantly, let me help you ADD LIFE TO THOSE YEARS.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… Please do your own due diligence before trying anything new including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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