Beware of Scams

Image depicts a scammer at work
Scammers always target pensioners

Beware of Scammers

Beware of scams. Many scammers see pensioners as easy due to their age and vulnerability. For this reason, pensioners have to be permanently on guard to protect their assets. However, scammers will reach you by phone, email, surface mail or at your doorstep and you have to be alert to avoid becoming a victim. To begin with, you have not won a large lottery prize, especially if you have no ticket. Besides, if you are promised money or a donation ignore it as it is a scam. Remember no one gives away money

Email Scams

Scammers use Email and picture shows Email
Scammers use Email

Beware of scams. A well-known method used by many scammers is e-mailing. Furthermore, scripted to look like genuine e-mails sent from banks. So then, when you receive an email from a bank telling you to do something. In this case, if it is not your own bank, ignore it or report it using the junk drop-down menu as a phishing email. However, if it is from your bank and genuine, it will not ask for sensitive data. But, if it is from your bank, asking for you to log on due to a problem, ignore it and report it as above. To be sure, use your normal log on to access your bank for your peace of mind if you are unsure. However, you must never use any details from the email.

How to Deal with Phone Scams

Image of a house telephone to support the text of phone scammers
Telephone scammers

Beware of scams How to deal with scam calls. Phone scammers will cold call you, but you must be guarded on the phone. To clarify, never give your name or number. Always answer good morning, afternoon or evening. But, always ask for the caller’s name and company (including phone number and contact address) and reason for calling you. Consequently,  it is probably a scam should this not be provided. With this in mind, never agree on anything unless you are sure who you are dealing with. Also, you can offer to call back later, legitimate companies will like that, but scammers will not.

Call Back and Checking

Before you decide to call back, so then you can go online and check if the caller is who they claim to be and the numbers match their company website. Also, never confirm computer usage, ownership of anything in your house or account numbers. (you really have no idea who you are talking to)Basically, the fact callers are asking for this sort of information should immediately alert you to the possibility of a scammer, so hang up.

Scam Hard Luck Stories and Romances

Beware of scams. Many scammers use chat rooms to find victims. To begin with, they can be in your country, but, more often, they are in a third world country. However, one thing they all have in common, they want money, your money. If you talk to other people online, always be a struggling pensioner, complain about the lack of money. They will not stay when they here you have no money. In essence, they will befriend you, and then the sad story will start. So then, the sick mother who needs an operation or the low-income family has no food and can barely manage. In the first place, you will be gently asked for a small amount of money. Secondly, if you send money, those amounts will gradually grow. To clarify, this is a scam that has been used many times and fleeced pensioners of a lot of money. Also, there has been some who use romance as the way to get your money. Please do not fall for them.

In Conclusion

As we both know, our small pension is stretched each month to get by. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of scammers who want to rob your pension money. For this reason, you need to be alert to the current scams that are targeting pensioners. So then, because you are enrolled with pensioner fitness, you will receive regular updates.

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