Glutes Exercise 1

Glutes Exercise 1


Sitting weakens the glutes, leaving them switched off

Glutes Exercise 1. with most of us living sedentary lives, this muscle can become weak and under-active. Also, nowadays, we spend less time moving around and more time sitting. So then, when we have an underactive tush, we cannot correctly activate the glutes during everyday life. And in this case, we compensate in other areas.

Like using our lower back or legs in a movement that should be glute dominant. And this leads to growth in the wrong areas or even injury or strains. Consequently, symptoms of weak or inactive glutes. Here, it can also include tight hip flexors, knee pain, low back pain, and weak ankles and feet. Furthermore, we must wake up our glutes to perform in life and during exercise safely.

Glute Activation

Glutes Exercise 1. It’s essential that we understand glute activation, and also, its importance! It’s simple to understand. In this case, under active weak glutes are inactive. The glute muscles are essentially switched off. Whereas, fired-up, engaged glutes are activated which is the correct way to strengthen this area. Therefore, we need to turn the glutes on.

So then, why is this important? Here a muscular butt can help keep your hips healthy and in good balance. But an imbalance in the hips/glutes can cause a rotation in the femur (thigh bone). In addition, this can cause knee pain, or even cause some pulling in the groin or hamstrings.

Sumo pulse squats

Sumo pulse squats, help to strengthen the glutes and is an effective exercise
  1. Stand with feet wider than shoulder width and your toes pointed out. Hold your hands in front of you.
  2. Lower your butt a couple of inches toward the floor. Keep back straight and chest up.
  3. Rise back up a couple of inches, then immediately lower back down,
  4. now you’re really pulsing!
  5. Do 5 pulses before moving back into the starting position for another squat.
  6. Do 4 pulses 5 times as 1 set

Alternating deficit lunge

Alternating deficit lunge is a great exercise for your glutes
Deficit Lunge
  1. You’ll need a sturdy step (your apartment stairs will work!), block, or platform to do this one.
  2. Start with your feet on a box, stairs or platform.
  3. Step back with your right foot and lower yourself until your right knee nearly touches the floor.
  4. Return to the starting position with both feet on the platform. Repeat on the other side. Continue alternating legs.
  5. Do 10 on each side as 1 set.

Weighted glute bridge

Weighted glute bridge is an effective exercise
  1. Lie faceup with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Hold a weight on top of your lower abs (below the belly button, above the hips).
  3. Make sure the weight is secure as you lift your hips toward the ceiling. Squeeze abs and butt as you go. Hold for 3 seconds, then lower to the floor.
  4. Fold a mat (or blanket) and place it between you and the weight to make this more comfortable on your hips.
  5. Do this 10 times as 1 set

Weighted swing (Modified Kettlebell Swing)

Weighted swing focuses on the posteria chain and in particular the glutes
  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a weight with both hands in front of your thighs. (If you have a kettlebell, even better!)
  2. Bend your knees slightly, push your hips back, and swing the weight gently between your legs.
  3. Push your hips forward as you stand. The weight will swing slightly upward as you return to the starting position. Repeat. 10 times
  4. “Kettlebell swings are the number-one secret for strong glutes,”
  5. Do all 4 exercises as 1 set and try to build up to 3 sets or whatever you can manage.


In Conclusion

Glutes Exercise 1. Taking time to train your glutes intentionally can help prevent massive imbalances in the body. Therefore, take your time, and get in the zone. block out all other distractions and focus on training in this specific area. it’s often neglected, or we sometimes think “If I’m doing squats I’m taking care of the butt stuff.” wrong! I can tell you they must be exercised separately to get the right results.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to. So please do your due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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