House Security

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Burglar will take what he wants if he gets in

Burglar’s trick to see if you are home.

House Security. Many people fear coming home one day and realising they’ve been robbed. Therefore, most of us usually leave lights on when we’re gone for the evening. But you cannot do that if you are on holiday? The police recommend checking your front door for pieces of cardboard or other out of place items. If you find some, you should contact the authorities immediately! Because jamming a piece of cardboard between the front door is a burglar’s trick.

Check Your Door

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Check your door

House Security. This warns people of this trick many burglars use. Here, burglars try to find out whether the inhabitants of the house are home or not. So, by jamming a piece of cardboard between the door and doorjamb. After they’ve placed the cardboard in the door, the burglars will come back. Usually, a couple of days later to check whether it’s been removed. So then, if that’s the case, they know you have been home. However, if the cardboard is still there, they know you’ve been away from home. And are most likely on holiday. Burglars also use twigs, leaves or coins to see whether someone is home. If the litter is still there after a while, a burglar knows it is safe to enter the house. Always keep an eye out for suspicious things near your door!

No Bragging About Valuables

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Just watch it, don’t brag about it

House Security. Always try to conceal your expensive items as much as possible. Besides, please don’t leave your expensive bike outside. In this case, put it inside or in a shed. Also, if you’ve recently bought an expensive electronic device like a television or laptop. Above all, make sure you recycle the cardboard box somewhere safe. Afterwards, please don’t leave it outside next to your bin. As a result, smart burglars will know you own a shiny new expensive item. Consider keeping it inside until the day they collect and put it out just before they arrive to empty your bin. By the way, store laptops, iPods, cellphones and jewellery away from windows, as it will be an invitation to burglars.

Extended Absence From Home

Are you going away from home? Make sure you prepare your house for being empty for an extended period. So, whenever you are leaving your home for any length of time. Such as to attend hospital for a planned stay or on holiday. Lock all inside doors to make it difficult for a burglar.

Spare Keys

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Spare keys

Many people, especially those living in small villages and trusting neighbourhoods, leave a spare key outside their home. In this case, for example, a flower pot or on top of a door frame. So then, stop doing this! Burglars know all the common places for people to hide their keys, and they will find it in no time. In this case, give your key to a family member or a trusted neighbour or friend who lives nearby in case of emergency. (make sure it is someone you trust!)

Door Locks

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Quality locks are far more secure

Please, always lock your doors and close the windows! Besides, it might sound obvious, but forty per cent of all break-ins happen without using any force. And because the burglars found an open window or unlocked door. Also, some cheap locks can be picked easily, so if you’ve got a dead-bolt: use it! Good quality door locks and window locks are a great investment towards your safety and security.

Hide Your Information

Image of a calendar
Information on a calendar should no be seen from the window

Most of us like to be organised and record things, so we do not forget. However, if you have a calendar where it can be seen and read from the window. Burglars who may be looking for potential targets can read it and know your plans. Big red letters saying holiday with a 2-week block marked will show them you will be away. So then, ensure your private information on your plans is not visible from windows.

Shred your Statements Bills Etc

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Shred everything with personal information

One of the most difficult crimes to recover from is identity theft. And it has taken some people years to get their identity back. A paper shredder is an excellent investment; you can shred all those bank statements. Also utility bills and anything with your details on it. So then, if you throw out your rubbish (trash), anyone can look and take your details away. Also, when it has been thrown out, it is public property; anyone can take it legally. Besides, a small shredder is not expensive but can save you money and a lot of misery.

In Conclusion

Your home is your safe place make sure you can secure it well. Think security when ever you are leaving your home. Callous thieves will take everything if you make it easy for them. Many burglars have said when caught that they got in through an open door or window. Make it a habit to check before leaving.

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