Leg Exercises 3

Image of legs sticking out of a Drying machine to support the text on leg exercises
Legs Should be strong to support you.

Why You Need Strong legs

Leg Exercises 3. With stronger legs comes many benefits; we move well and effortlessly, we can decrease or prevent pain in our knees and our hips, and we can help prevent falls. Regardless of your current physical capabilities, it is essential to keep your legs strong and be moving as well as you can. Many older adults have weak legs and need to work on them to build strength.

Seated Calf Stretch

Image of a seated calf stretch part od leg exercises
Seated Calf Stretch
  1. While seated, Straighten one leg at a time
  2. Stretch the calf by pointing your toes away from you until you feel your calf tighten
  3. hold it for a count of five then relax, repeat 5 times each leg.

Standing Single Leg Calf Stretch

Image of the standing calf raise to support the text about exercises
Standing Calf raise
  1. Using a chair for support, stand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Do this one leg art a time hold the other leg off the ground during this exercise
  3. This is different from the last calf stretch, as now you are supporting your body weight on the one leg.
  4. Lift your heel and raise up on to the ball of the foot
  5. hold it for a count of five then relax, repeat 5 times each leg.

Standing, Side Leg Lift

Image of the Standing side leg raise on leg exercises
Image of a leg side raise
  1. Using a chair for support, stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart
  2. And remain upright as you raise one leg to the side
  3. Ensure the toe remains to point forward.
  4. Hold it for a count of five, then relax, repeat five times each leg.

Partial Squats

Image of a partial squat to support the text leg exercises 3
A Partial Squat
  1. Using a chair for support remain upright, feet shoulder width apart
  2. As you squat to the partial squat position
  3. hold it for a count of five then stand up
  4. Repeat 5 times .

These four exercises are one set, try to do two or three sets, however, if you can only manage one set that’s ok, do what ever you can manage, always try to challenge your self

In Conclusion

Leg Exercises 3. Leg exercises are great for strengthening your legs. And because legs have large muscles. Exercising those large muscles also help you burn more calories which aids your weight loss efforts. The stronger your legs get, the better your movement, balance, stability and life in general, will improve

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to. So please do your due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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