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The image shows pensioners in front of their house, in line with the post home security
You can be vulnerable even at home.

Home security should be at the forefront of all pensioners thoughts. In today’s modern world, it is a sad fact of life that many criminals will target pensioners, who they know are not strong and are vulnerable. You are not safe even in your own home. Criminals will pose as delivery men or utility company workers wanting to check meters or look for bogus leaks.

Things you can do to

Dog feeding bowl used to indicate the house has a dog
Dog Bowl

Deterring potential thieves and burglars for home security can work by putting a dog feeding bowl at your door. Besides, you could put an old pair of workmen’s boots at your door; my mother did this. Thieves like to check houses before robbing them. To see who lives there, they might call asking for a fictitious person. Boots or a dog bowl may make them think twice. So then, if a potential burglar is unsure, he will look somewhere else.

If you have a dog at home

Image depicts a dog, houses that have dogs deter burglars
Dogs are great protection for your house.

Keeping a dog as part of your home security plan is a good option. Most importantly, if you have the mobility and can afford to keep a dog. In this case, your security will be more robust, even when you are out. As a result, dogs are the burglars worst enemy.

Allowing callers to enter your house.

Identity Card should always be checked before allowing strangers to enter house
Always ask for Identification.

Whenever you get callers at your door, always ask for Identification. Callers from utility companies such as water, gas and electricity all carry ID and are happy to show you. As an example, if you are suspicious, do not use the phone numbers they give you. Here, you can check your last bill, and it will have the company phone number, and you can confirm who they are. By the way, if the company cannot confirm, do not allow them in.

Official Callers Delivering parcels

Image of a delivery driver at door
Delivery men may not be genuine just because they have a parcel.

Remember, when a courier or delivery arrives at your door, it may be fake. Also, just because there is a parcel, it may just be a ruse to get into your house. Ask who the package is for; it may not be for you. Consequently, if the name is wrong, do not give your name, and do not allow them to enter your house. Therefore, if they are not getting in, they will not wait around. If you refuse entry, genuine delivery people usually leave a card telling you how to collect your parcel from the depot.

2 or more callers at the Door

Image of two persons
Be suspicious if two callers are at your door.

Finding two or more callers at your door should raise your suspicions, even if it is a couple. Consequently, if you allow them into your house, you are outnumbered. Also, you cannot watch both of them all the time. In this case, if they are criminals, while one keeps you busy, the other will search for your valuables. So then, you should call a family member if they are close or even a neighbour. However, you do not have to open your door to anyone no matter what they say, especially if you are concerned or suspicious.

Security Cameras Help to protect You

Security cameras are there to record crime
Security cameras deter crime or aid crime detection.

Personal security using cameras are ideal for older vulnerable people who live alone. Security cameras can record visitor’s faces and store the information. Besides, all recordings should be saved and stored in another location. This will prevent any removal or deletion of evidence. And if a crime is later discovered. For instance, valuables are missing; the cameras can supply facial evidence of who was involved. Small easily hidden security cameras are ideal for older adults. record without others knowing for your protection. So then should you decide to buy one follow this link Security Camera?

Emergency Home Security Device

Consider having a glass break alarm fitted in your home. A glass break alarm works by detecting the frequency of glass breaking. This may seem strange to you at the moment. However, let me explain if you drop a plate, a vase or a glass, the alarm sounds. So you are now thinking, why do I need that. As a result, if your window is broken while you are out, the alarm sounds. So, the thief will not stay. He does not want to get caught.

Furthermore, if you have let someone into your house, and realise it is a mistake and you are frightened. Above all, if you are awakened with an intruder in the night. Hence, all you need to do is throw a drinking glass at the wall, knock over a vase, or even throw something at the window. So then, once the alarm sounds, the intruder will not remain in your home.

Glass break alarms are small, about the size of a smoke alarm. Similarly, it can be fitted to the ceiling. In this case, if it is the type that has a small red light visible, cover it with some tape. So then, when it alarms, any intruder will not be able to see it. Finally, if you have daughters or any young female relations living alone, this is a security method that might suit them. So then if you decide to buy one follow this link Glass Break Alarm is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All affiliate fees will be used to support this blog.

Arriving home Late at Night in Darkness

Image of a house to support arriving home
Arriving home, especially at night, you are vulnerable

When you have been out and especially at night, be very vigilant arriving home. In particular, when you are at your door, you should have your personal alarm in your hand ready. As many have been attacked opening the door.

Arriving home by car or taxi. Request the driver to watch until you are safely inside. Most importantly, if you suspect someone inside your house, do not enter; go to a neighbour and call the police. Besides, they are well trained for this. It is easy to get angry that someone has invaded your home, but you must stand back and let the police deal with it.

In Conclusion

Image shows a violent criminal
Some criminals enjoy inflicting violence.

Not all criminals that target the elderly are con artists who deceive you and rob you. Besides that type of thief, some are violent and enjoy being violent. Therefore, you need to be careful and vigilant for your personal safety. By the way, you do not have to let anyone into your house if you are suspicious; do not open the door. The only person you cannot refuse entry to is a policeman with a warrant. STAY SAFE.

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