Handgrip Strength

Grip Strength is an Overall Health Indicator

Image of a strong forearm in support of a hand grip which supports the text
Strong forearms give strength to your hand grip.

Handgrip Strength. Although it might sound strange to you, having a solid handgrip could be a key indicator of longer life expectancy. But they were also linked to having muscular forearms. As a result, studies have found grip strength was a proper ‘biomarker’ to measure well-being as you age. Besides, handgrip strength is a marker for overall strength and upper limb function, bone mineral density, fractures, falling, and malnutrition. But, at the same time, Another piece of research from University College London, published in the British Medical Journal, seemed to reach a more alarming conclusion: that weak handgrip strength is seen as a biomarker of early death in older subjects. 

Handgrip strength training regardless of Age

The more muscle you have, the longer it takes to atrophy and wastes away. Likewise, should you continue to build that muscle by resistance training well into your retirement? So then, you will stay active for much longer. As a result, you will also need a higher protein intake to maintain that strength. And accounting for a decreased risk of malnutrition. Protein from daily nutrition may not always be enough; a protein supplement might be an answer. But always speak to your doctor before starting any supplement or training regime.

A less popular form of strength training

Image of spring grip dumbells used to improve forearm and hand grip strength to support the text
Use these to improve forearm and grip strength.

Handgrip Strength. Training to improve handgrip strength is not a popular site in gyms. However, as we age, resistance training is essential to remain healthy and be independent. So, grip strength becomes vital to support you in climbing stairs, lifting and carrying objects and daily tasks. And with less chance of falling.

Consequently, this would decrease the number of falls in older people. So, with a strong upper body, you’ll be able to steady yourself and prevent life-threatening falls. So then should you decide to buy the grip strength exerciser you can find one by going to your local sports shop. But do not rush to buy these the tennis ball does the same.

Squeezing a Tennis ball

Image of a tennis ball to support the text
A tennis ball squeezed in hand can improve handgrip strength.

This is a simple and easy method you can do anywhere. For example, while watching the news, you can squeeze and change hands, or even during a film on TV. By the way, many women and some men may find that a tennis ball is too large to squeeze at first. However, if you have difficulty, try starting with a smaller squash ball. In this case, a squash ball is easy to carry in a pocket or bag, so you can use it anywhere you go. Squeeze the ball in each hand 10 times, or do what you can manage.

A roll-up device (Can be Homemade)

Image displays a weight being wound up on a bar to support the text
Simple homemade weight wind up device

A roll-up device is a short bar with a cable and a weight. To begin with, hold the bar with both hands fully outstretched in front of you. Next, using your hands, slowly wind the cable up to raise the weight. But keep the arm out in front of you at shoulder height until the weight is up close to the bar. Lastly, lower the weight using your hands to unwind the cable, which completes one rep. Also, do not let the weight drop fast control the lowering with your hands. Wind up and down 10 times, or do what you can manage

Hand and Eye Coordination exercise

Image of a Long Handled Brush for sweeping
A Brush with A Long Handle

A simple thing like your broom, brush with a long handle, can be used to improve hand and eye coordination. This is particularly useful for keeping hands and fingers from getting too stiff. Change hands 10 times, or do what you can manage. See Video! All of the above are 1 set try to do up to three sets, or what you can manage.

In Conclusion

Handgrip strength is important regardless of being male or female. Ordinarily, we all use our hands for most things every day, so it is important they can support our needs. For example, climbing stairs, holding the handrail to give support or prevent a fall. However, when you are alone, like climbing out of the bath, a good grip can prevent an embarrassing fall. So, start improving your grip; you know it makes sense.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… So please do your own due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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