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Balance is a use it or loses it function.

How Does The body Balance System Work

Improving Balance. A complex system controls your body’s ability to balance. While it may be taken for granted, your body’s balancing system is susceptible. So then, your sight, hearing and other sensory systems help to regulate your balance. All of these systems must work together for your body to maintain its balance. Therefore, the diagnosing of a balance issue is often difficult. Because so many different parts of the body are involved. For balance issues that are not treatable by medication or surgery, balance rehabilitation is an available option.

Our Brain Controls Balance

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You Can improve your Balance at Any Age

Improving Balance. Our brain controls our balance. However, it needs sensors to keep updated, such as the eyes, the inner ear, and the muscles, everywhere from the head to the feet. However, if they are impaired, the signals may not be clear. As a result, our balance will be weak. So then, as we age and get weaker muscles, it will affect our balance. Subsequently, we are in danger of serious life-threatening falls.

The Loss of Muscle Mass, Sarcopenia

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Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle mass

Sarcopenia starts in the mid-30s. As a result, it naturally reduces skeletal muscle mass. So, combined with years of inactivity, it leaves you weak. Consequently, the dangers of a life-threatening fall are severe. To clarify, the largest single group of emergency patients each year are the elderly with fall-related injuries. And many do not survive their injuries.

Reduced HGH Secretions, Somatopause

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Middle-aged spread (somatopause)

Often called the middle-aged spread. Somatopause starts in your 40s. To clarify, it is the gradual reduction of human growth hormone (HGH) secretions. The first signs are skin wrinkles and putting on weight that is an indication it has started. Secondly, but you cannot see is the gradual reduction in bone density. Subsequently, it leaves your immunity and bones vulnerable. And with the risk of serious organ diseases and fall damaged bones which can be life-threatening.

Falls Resulting in Skull Fractures.

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Skull fractures are life-threatening injuries.

Together Sarcopenia and Somatopause, for example, will have a serious effect on your strength, mobility and balance. Most importantly, falls often result in bone fractures. Skull fractures will need surgery and seriously damage the brain. Bruising or bleeding is serious and may have post-injury consequences. That may leave the sufferer a different person than when they fell. In 20% of fall cases involving skull damage, death is the result.

Falls Resulting in Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are just as serious as skull fractures. Additionally, a fractured hip might need an operation as a result of low bone density. Hip bones can shatter into sharp shards; they could sever the femoral artery. In this case, the femoral artery, when severed, will cause death in minutes. If this happens and you are alone at home, it is unlikely you will get help quickly. Besides, hospitals and surgeons have serious financial restraints, difficulties in bed allocations, so they must prioritize. As a result, at 70 plus years with a hairline fractured hip. You could be sent home to heal naturally, with total bed rest. Also, some 20% of fractured hips result in death, especially in older women, as their bodies are not strong enough to recover.

Total Bed Rest Means Families and Carers

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Total bed rest needs carers or family support..

Many challenges come with total bed rest at home. As a result, a heavy burden on the family or a full-time carer would be necessary. So then, the cost of full-time carers is prohibitive and comes with many challenges. It is also unlikely that a family would have the skill, resources, or enthusiasm for such a challenging undertaking. However, if this is not possible, the only other option is a care home. By the way, many older adults fear the loss of dignity and losing control of their destiny. Also, there have been many recorded abuse cases in care homes in the past, which does not help. As a result, a loss of independence and a loss of the house, with little chance of regaining independence.

Your Balance Can be improved With Practice

Improving Balance. At any age, you can improve on your current ability. Consequently, you can improve your balance with some simple exercises. Especially if completed daily, it will improve. In the first place, you may have doubts or disbelief. But remember, no one ever walked a tightrope perfectly on day one. However, they failed many times until their balance improved, and yours will be too. Also, anyone can easily test their balance at home using a simple test that you can see on the video. Improving Balance is essential for your fall prevention and your independence.

A Stability Ball

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A Stability ball helps improve your balance.

A Stability ball is a great aid to help improve your ability to balance. How to use it is included in the video below. These are not terribly expensive, but should you decide you want to buy one, most sports shops and online at Amazon are easy places to get one

A Simple Household item

In your own home with no equipment. And using your body and a simple household item. You can test and improve your balance. Using simple exercises that improve your results. There is no cost, except for the time you spend testing and practising to improve daily. As a result, if you are determined to improve your balance and practise daily, you will see results. Improving balance is a must because balance is a use it or lose it skill.

In Conclusion

As you age, your balance has to be high on your list of things to improve. It is essential for your health and your ability to remain independent. And you need to bear in mind that it is a use it or lose it skill that you cannot afford to lose. Follow the link to watch the video.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to…So pleasee do your own due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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