Situational Awareness

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Situational awareness is understanding the situation you are in


Situational Awareness. All pensioners should be alert to their situation. There is a cowardly criminal community in every city. And they target pensioners who they see as weak and vulnerable. So then, as a pensioner, you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings. With this in mind, you need to develop your awareness of each situation you are in. As a result, to protect yourself from harm. Also, remember earphones can leave you unaware of your surroundings when both ears are covered. And, it can affect your balance.

What is Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is about looking out for yourself, not some special skill that only highly trained professionals can do. But, with regular practice, it could be developed from the basic level. Without a doubt, you have used this skill many times in the past. So, Situational Awareness is often classified by numbers or colours by professional organisations. So, each of the five levels has a colour-code. And this makes it easy to learn and remember. Besides, this helps with practice.

Colour Code for Situational Awareness

1. White  Tuned out, unaware of anything happening (earphones) 2. Yellow     Relaxed awareness, paying attention but getting on with life. 3. Amber     Focused awareness, carefully observing a potential threat. 4. Red          High alert, confirmed threat, action required immediately. 5. Black        Comatose, in shock unable to function (Fear)

How You Use it Without thinking about it (1)

Image of a busy city street that supports the text
Crossing a busy road can be dangerous

When in town walking you decide you want to cross a busy road. And you immediately become aware as you look for danger. Firstly, in a relaxed state (Yellow). You begin to assess a place to cross safely. So, now you are aware of traffic approaching from two different directions. Secondly, you now have focused awareness (Amber) without thinking about it; you are judging the speed of approaching vehicles. Also, the distance they must travel before reaching, the place that you will cross. 

How You Use it Without thinking about it (2)

Image of a busy city street that supports the text
Crossing a busy street can be dangerous

And you now consider the route across the road. Are there any obstacles such as potholes, ice, uneven surface areas? Thirdly, now you are in a high state of awareness, (red) focused on the dangers. And when you have assessed it to be safe to cross, you will cross and of course once safely on the other side of the road. As a result, you will relax, and your mind will automatically lower your awareness. Back to the yellow state. Because the known danger has now passed.

Whenever you are out, always be aware

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When you are away from the safety of your home, stay aware of where you are. So then, you should be looking at the area and seeing what is around you. Also looking for any potential threat to you, callous criminals sometimes follow their victims. And pounce when they think they have a quiet place with few people around. If you think you are in danger, go where other people are, you are safer in a busy area. Never ignore uneasy feelings, always believe your gut feelings; people who don’t, end up in trouble.

Always have your personal alarm with you

Personal Attack Alarm can save life and it supports the text
Personal alarms can save your life (120-dB)

As part of your situational awareness, if you become aware of some danger. In essence, you are uneasy about your situation, make sure your personal alarm is in your hand, ready for use. Generally speaking, a personal alarm will get you out of the majority of situations. After all, with 120 decibels, you will attract attention and help. As a rule, you should choose an alarm with a pull pin, simply because buttons can be pressed by mistake, which could be embarrassing in the wrong place.

In Conclusion

Your security when you are out and about is down to you, I highly recommend you get a personal alarm. So then, if you have to set off your alarm it will get noticed. Also, more importantly in most cases it will make you attacker leave quickly, they fear being caught.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… Please do your own due diligence before trying anything new including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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