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Welcome To Pensioner Fitness

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Who am I

Welcome to Pensioner Fitness. My name is Ian McClymont, and I am 73 years old. I spent a lot of my younger years in the British Army. And left as a Warrant Officer (Sergeant Major). Hence, during that time, I was responsible for training soldiers and leading them. As a result, of my military career, I was awarded the General Officer Commanding (GOC) commendation for my Balkans service.

Furthermore, I was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) for my Iraq service. After leaving the military, I worked as an International Security Manager in some dangerous security challenged countries.

Having qualifications in Health and Safety and Environmental Management, I also worked as the Health Safety Security and Environmental Manager on multi-million dollar projects in several countries across Africa. Lastly, my final employment was as the General Manager for a mining minerals company in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Could no longer get work due to age

As I got older and was close to 70, I could no longer get work; it seemed that age had caught up with me. So then, reluctantly, I found myself retired. As boredom set in and at 71, I wanted something to aim for and decided to train to get fit.

Consequently, I was very shocked to find I was weak. Also, I could not understand why I had lost strength, so I started to research the subject. For example, I found many sights online that had a young person showing older people what to do.

Here, they would be expecting all to follow with good form. Hence I realised this was not for me as my old carcass does not get the right form. Besides, I discovered that my body’s natural processes, together with inactivity, had caused my weakness.


Welcome to Pensioner Fitness. Firstly, I am here to help older people to get fit and stay fit. Most importantly, to fight the effects of ageing. Pensioner fitness is run solely by a pensioner for pensioners like you. Also, to advise on healthy eating and personal security. For example, I will cover the following:

  • Build strength through resistance training at home
  • Increase flexibility through simple stretching
  • Improve balance through essential balance exercises
  • Tips on Nutrition through healthy eating and supplements
  • Personal & Home Security through advice and ideas on security.

Building Strength

Image depicts strength supporting the text
Build strength at any age

Rebuild lost muscle and strength caused by sarcopenia. Also, to be strong enough to live independently. In other words, strong enough to be capable of completing everyday tasks. As a result, no matter your age, you can improve your strength and together with your flexibility, improve your overall health.

Improving Flexibility

Image of people stretching showing flexibility
Stretching can improve flexibility

Age and inactivity leave muscles weak and tight. However, you can improve flexibility through stretching exercises. Consequently creating a greater range of movement. Most importantly, to increase mobility and keep your independence. Also, flexibility and strength are key to supporting a good balance

Testing and Improving Balance

Testing and improving balance prevents falls

Welcome to pensioner fitness. Testing your balance and improving the results. Firstly, when you try your balance, you will be surprised. Secondly, good or bad, you can improve your balance, regardless of your age. For example, balance exercises can create a strategy for fall prevention.

Subsequently preventing life-threatening falls. As a result, 20% of the thousands that fall every year do not survive. In summary, I can help you increase your balance and reduce your vulnerability to falling statistics. creating a better outlook on longevity.

Advice on Nutrition and Supplementation

You will receive advice on the nutritional benefits of a wide range of food. Furthermore, the direction will inform you of the services of each food item if it is right for you, including the breakdown of its nutritional values and what part of the body they target.

Subsequently, the advice and benefits of taking supplements that support a healthier you. Finally, several healthy food items are not only nutritious. Besides, they have antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties to help keep you in good health

Personal Security at home

Firstly, we live in a world with an increasing number of crimes that target older people. Secondly, criminals who target older people will use con tricks to enter and rob their houses. Furthermore, there are many who are violent and can seriously cause you life-threatening harm. Consequently, older people must be fully aware of their situation at all times to stay safe.

Here is your choice

Most people believe that getting old means you will be weak and frail. However, that is far from the truth. As a result, you are always going to be old you could not change that. However, there are no reasons for being weak and frail its a choice, your choice. So do you want to be:-




I think 2 would be the right choice for you. Male or Female, you can choose to be inactive and end up with one; that is your choice. But if you select two, you can be the best you can. So then, choosing 2 means keeping your independence, having self-reliance and dignity as you age. Pensioner fitness can help you to be Old Bold, and Strong. The choice is yours!

In Conclusion

It is always a challenge to start something new, to do things differently. But when it involves your health, you really do not have a choice unless you have given up. Never give up. You only get one ride in this life, so get on and enjoy it. Let’s try to stretch it out as long as we can.

To start post will be sent daily for a few days to get the blog started. this is normal, but after the initial burst it will settle down to 1 post each week.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… Please do your own due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Connect with me and leave a comment or two on my social media

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