Benefits of Heat Therapy

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Hot Water Bottle for pain relief with Heat Therapy

What Is Heat Therapy Used For

Benefits of Heat Therapy. Heat therapy is the application of heat to the body to relieve pain. And it can take the form of a hot cloth, hot water, ultrasound, heating pad. In addition, hydrocollator packs, whirlpool baths, infrared (IR) heat therapy. Heat is beneficial to those with soft tissue injuries and non-infectious arthritis. Hence, heat is most commonly used in rehabilitation, and the therapeutic effects of heat include increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues, decreasing joint stiffness, and reducing pain. Also, relieving muscle spasms, reducing inflammation. And aids in healing and blood flow. The increased blood flow to the affected area provides proteins, nutrients, and oxygen for better healing.

Heating Pads for Back Pain:

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Back pain reduces mobility increases fall risk.

Benefits of Heat Therapy. Muscle spasms, joint pain, and stiffness in your back can limit your mobility and interfere with physical activities. So then, while medication can be effective at knocking out inflammation. In addition, heat therapy also works for back pain and other areas. Heat therapy has been known and used for centuries.

By the way, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks all used forms of heat therapy to ease the pain. For example, the suns rays, natural hot springs. However, there are other methods available now. For example, heating pads have made it easier and convenient to use heat therapy. Here’s a look at some benefits of heat therapy for back, joint and muscle pain.

Benefits of Heat Therapy for Back, Joint or Muscle Pain

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Large Back Heat Pad

Benefits of Heat Therapy. Heat therapy is an effective remedy for back pain because it boosts circulation, And allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. Hence, this circulation helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and improves back pain and joint stiffness.

Any heat therapy can help relieve back, joint and muscle pain. Also, heating pads are ideal because they’re convenient and portable. Furthermore, they can be self-heated, in a microwave oven, chemical heated or electric, so you can use them anywhere in your home, such as lying in bed or sitting on the couch relaxing. There are pads for every area of the body

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Bath or shower

Hot or warm baths provide moist heat, promoting circulation and reducing muscle pain and stiffness. Also, a bath might work better if you have pain or stiffness in other parts of your body. However, the problem with baths is that it’s difficult to maintain the water temperature because water will slowly cool down.

Alternatively, heating pads have adjustable levels and provide a continuous flow of heat. Hence, this will last for as long as the pad is turned on. However, if you don’t have a heating pad, taking a warm shower or relaxing in a hot tub may relieve back pain and stiffness. Also, one benefit of a hot tub and shower over a bath is continuous heat, similar to a heating pad.

How to Use an Electric Heating Pad

Benefits of Heat Therapy. Always start on the lowest setting. Therefore, set the heating pad on the lowest setting. Besides, a low setting might be more than enough to reduce pain and stiffness for minor aches and pains. But you can gradually increase the intensity of heat if needed. In addition, there are no hard or fast rules regarding how long to use a heating pad on your body. So then, it all depends on the level of pain and your tolerance to heat. For safety, if you use a heating pad on a high setting, remove it after 15 to 30 minutes to avoid burns. But, on a low setting, you can use the heating pad for a longer period, maybe up to one hour.

Types of heating pads

Different heating pads are available for all pain. So then, this includes a standard electric heating pad that offers multiple heat settings. Furthermore, there’s also the option of an infrared heating pad. This is helpful for moderate to severe pain since the heat penetrates deeper into the muscles. By the way, when shopping for a heating pad, look for one that has an automatic shut-off feature. Consequently, to prevent overheating and burns, in case you fall asleep on the pad.

You can find electric heat pads at your local pharmacy or shop. However, if you want a better choice of different heating pads, you can get them from Amazon online.

In Conclusion

Pains of any sort are unpleasant, difficult to live with, sometimes difficult to allow mobility. A good solution for pain relief is the use of heat pads. However single-use pads are expensive, microwave and electric pads are a cheaper option in the long run.

Important Note *.

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… So please do your own due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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