Losing Weight has Health Benefits.

Many Older Adults are Obese or Overweight

Obesity seriously endangers your life

Losing weight has health benefits as you age. For the most part, many older adults are seriously overweight or clinically obese; this is creating life-threatening risks. Also, many think it is too difficult to lose weight at 60 or 70 plus years. First, losing weight is no more difficult at 70 than at 30; the same principles apply. Secondly, there may be many reasons to lose weight at the upper ages. However, they all come down to the same thing, living your best and healthiest possible life. Consequently, with improved health, greater mobility, and increased energy, you can enjoy life. Lastly, the later years can still have a sense of adventure, a sense of joy, and the freedom of independence.

Increased Mobility

The joy of a walk in natures rich garden

Losing weight has the benefit of increased movement. Also, it means you need to ask much less for help. Consequently, your reliance on others is reduced, perhaps from daily to occasionally. In this case, with your renewed movement ability, you can enjoy more independence. We run the risk of having our independence taken away if we have reduced mobility.

Lower risks of heart attack or stroke.

Heart Attacks are a leading cause of death

Losing weight has health benefits. In this case, heart attacks and strokes result from circulation problems often caused by overweight issues. As a result, they are the leading killer of older adults worldwide. For the most part, you can lower the risks of both by losing weight. Lastly, being overweight is a choice; it is not a good choice. So it would be best if you decided which way to direct your life.

Lower the risks of inflammation.

Inflamation often feels like a hot fire in the body or in a joint

The benefits of losing weight. So then, obesity can lead to inflammation from painful skin conditions. For example, skin problems caused by moisture that accumulates in the folds of your skin can be excruciating and unsightly. Furthermore, obesity can lead to inflammation in joints, such as arthritis. Losing weight can help to relieve these painful symptoms.

Reduce the Risks of Diabetes

Diabetics can go blind, lose limbs and even life

Achieving a healthy weight is important for optimal health. Therefore, reducing weight can help to lower the current high rates of people diagnosed with diabetes worldwide.  For example, this is very true for people with type 1 diabetes, as being at a healthy weight can improve insulin sensitivity. And reduce the risk of diabetes-associated health complications like heart disease. Subsequently, you don’t need to lose a ton of weight to make a difference in your health. So, losing just 10% of your body weight during the first five years of the disease. AS a result, it can lead to remission of type 2 diabetes

Lower rates of depression

Depression is a deep hole, it can be difficult to climb out without help

Obesity can lead to a lack of social contact and isolation. In this case, a lowered sense of self-esteem is coupled with serious rates of depression. Consequently, losing weight can help to overcome that. In short, this is an ongoing problem as depression rates are already too high. As a result, globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. according to the World Health Organisation – WHO

How We Can Help You Lose Weight

Pensioner Fitness can help your weight loss journey

Firstly, Because you signed up to, you will get regular emails. Also, videos showing you how to exercise at home. Secondly, you will not need to buy any expensive equipment; you have everything needed at home. I am not selling anything to you; you need no money.

In Conclusion

If you are overweight, or worse obese, it is affecting your life. In addition, your mobility is reduced, and also your lifespan. Losing some weight is not easy, but you can do it if you are determined and ready to make that choice. Remember, it is your life, your body, your choice.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… Please do your own due diligence before trying anything new including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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2 replies on “Losing Weight has Health Benefits.”

Weight tends to slowly creep on, I’m going to lose some weight through healthy choices in diet and more exercise. Set a modest target of 8lbs to start with in 8 weeks.

Hi David, Healthy eating with portion control is a great way to start when you also exercise safely; you will make a difference. I will be publishing a post on Intermittent Fasting soon, which may help you choose an eating system to help with your food intake. I wish you well with your weight loss journey. Ian

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