The Danger of Sitting for Hours Daily



The Danger of Sitting for Hours Daily. Inactive lifestyles and periods of prolonged sitting. Also, they have been named as significant contributors to climbing rates of obesity and chronic illness in America. So then, prolonged sitting is defined as a period of inactivity for more than two hours at a time. According to the Harvard School of Public Health. So many older adults spend nearly two-thirds of their awake time. So then, nearly ten hours of sitting. Furthermore, this is reflected in other countries.

The Health Implications of Sitting for the Elderly

Health Dangers from Sitting

The Danger of Sitting for Hours Daily. Physical inactivity tops the list of things that can age you. Here, is an analysis of 22 studies on sedentary behaviours among adults aged 60 and older. Reveals that the average older adult. Consequently, spends 65 to 80 per cent of their waking hours sitting. reclining, lying down or participating in other low-energy activities.

Apart from a lack of exercise, the mere act of being sedentary comes with many health implications. Furthermore, some of the more startling statistics to arise from research on the topic include the following:

  • Every hour of TV watched after 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by an average of 21.8 minutes, according to a 2008 University of Queensland study.
  • A study published in the medical journal Diabetologia found that even if they exercise regularly. Older adults, spend a significant portion of their day sitting down. And could experience a 49 per cent increase in their overall risk of death. Their risk of diabetes and cardiovascular events (stroke and heart attack) also increases by 112 per cent and 147 per cent respectively.
  • Another study concluded that repeated exposure to sitting in daily life. Consequently, it is negatively associated with femoral bone mineral density in older women. Bone health is essential for preventing fractures and falls, which can be severe and even fatal for older adults.

The Benefits of Minimizing Sitting Time

The Danger of Sitting for Hours Daily. While older adults tend to be more sedentary as they age, it’s also essential for them to be mindful of how much time they spend sitting versus being physically active. But, regardless of age, studies show regular physical activity. Furthermore, it can decrease the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Exercise can keep some of the physical effects of ageing at bay by strengthening muscles and bones. Also, enhancing balance eases arthritis pain and helps a person maintain a healthy weight. The increased blood flow to the brain occurs due to physical activity. Hence, it can keep a senior’s brain sharper and may also decrease symptoms of depression. And even for people in their 80s and 90s, these advantages have been shown to hold true.

What science says

The Danger of Sitting for Hours Daily. Scientists have shown how lack of exercise takes a much more significant toll on the elderly. And in particular, reducing the power of the muscles in their legs. So then, that power is essential for movements such as climbing the stairs. Also, increasing their risk of loss of independence, and isolation, is a significant cause of premature death.

The study documents for the first time that inactivity has a more significant and severe impact on the muscles. Affecting the lower limbs in pensioners more than in young people who are sedentary for precisely the same period.

Here Are 11 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sitting For Too Long:

  1. Prolonged sitting raises the risk of colon, lung, and endometrial cancer. In addition, older women that lead sedentary lifestyles are at an increased risk of breast cancer.

2. A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, showed that even if they exercise. Those people who sit for too long have a higher risk of premature death.

3. Prolonged sitting slows down everything in the body, even the function of the brain. The less we move, the less fresh blood and oxygen get pumped into the brain, reducing the release of chemicals and productivity.

4. As we sit, our abs loosen, the hip flexors shorten, and the legs weaken. It also causes poor balance and stability and raises the risk of injuries and bone fractures if falls happen.

5. Siting can also lead to obesity, as 30% more calories are burned while standing. According to Tel Aviv University researchers, sitting for too long can develop fatty tissue cells known as preadipocyte cells.

6. Prolonged sitting leads to increased blood sugar levels. And even a change in how our body reacts to insulin, eventually leading to diabetes.


7. People whose job requires sitting have an increased rate of heart disease. In addition, their muscles burn less fat, and the blood flow is slowed down, leading to a fatty acid build-up.

8. Our pancreas produces insulin, and this hormone helps carry glucose to our cells for energy. When inactive, our body does not respond appropriately to insulin release, and this organ becomes over-productive.

9. Elongated sitting can also increase the risk of herniated lumbar disks, due to the increased pressure on the spine.

According to a leading, PhD. “When you sit, you distort the natural curve of the spine. This means your back muscles must do something to hold your back in shape. Because you no longer use the spine’s natural curves to lift yourself against gravity.”

10. Elongated sitting can also lead to neck pain and poor body posture.

11. Inactivity creates an imbalance of the soft discs between the vertebrae, and they become starved of essential nutrients. Collagen, which supports the spine, hardens around the tendons, and thus reduces the flexibility of the back and causes stiffening.


Sarcopenia Weakens You

So sarcopenia is a natural process that happens to every human body, it starts somewhere between 35 and 40 years. So then it gets rid of muscle mass at a rate of 1 per cent a year until age 50. Furthermore, by the age of 50, you will have lost 10 per cent of your muscle mass and strength. In addition, most people do not know and will not notice this effect on them.

However, after 50, it speeds up a little, again, you will not notice, and you will get on with life. Consequently, you will gradually weaken with time, and eventually, retirement will arrive. Soon you will be 70, and by that time you will have lost around 40 per cent of your muscle mass. Here you are significantly weaker, and you will sit around a lot because you have retired. However, that is a big mistake, that could cost you your health and even your mobility.


Sarcopenia makes you weaker, but by sitting for long hours, you are helping the sarcopenia to weaken you much quicker. Because your bone mineral density will be affected weakening your bones. And putting you at risk of fractures if you have a fall. Finally, exercise and movement is the key to better mobility and longevity. Ultimately, strength-building exercises will slow and stop sarcopenia from continuing to weaken you.

In Conclusion

The information above in this post should convince you to reduce your sitting time each day. So then it is good advice, and you should act upon it. Also, you can get stronger regardless of your age if you are prepared to exercise to build your strength. Pensioner fitness shows you how to do that at home at no cost.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to. So please do your due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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how good is gardening working like spitting and planting etc,like today i was doing that then i wass to tired to do my skipping and normal workouts,im 75 yrs now with angina heart from 2002 *

Hi Edward, I am also 75 and any exercise is preferable to no exercise, movement is good as it burns more calories than sitting, and gardening has its place as you are bending and standing during planting and weeding, All the best Ian

Richard, Thanks for reposting, sitting for long periods every day is a recipe for early death. sitting for extended time destroys the muscles, reduces bone mineral density, and creates a defeatist attitude to older age living, it is a severe problem that many older adults fail to understand or address. So it is great you passed on the warning, Cheers Ian

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