Benefits of Jumping

Effects of Jumping Exercise on Muscular Power in Older Adults:

Image of an energetic jump, a leap is good for you
Jumping creates great benefits.



Benefits of Jumping. I realise that some of you due to injury, or illness may not be able to jump for exercise. But for those who can the benefits far outweigh the effort required. Would you still be running in the morning if told you that jumping is far more beneficial an exercise? Probably not, and this sums up the case. However as we age we must not take it too easy.

But, you should know that:

  • Jumping involves most bodily muscles to bring far-reaching benefits to the body. So then, your regular jumping boosts the body to get instant and long-term benefits.
  • When you do jumps regularly; it increases the G-force and improves your balance ability

Benefits of Jumping. Most of us are still not aware of the potential and benefits of jumping, but this is purely for a lack of awareness. Because either we were never told of the benefits and virtues of jumping, or we did not bother knowing them. However, you see it, jumping is a total body exercise and brings health benefits. Also, it’s fun and straightforward, and most importantly, it does not require too much physical exertion.

It does not bore you, and the best part is one can accommodate their jumping sessions in between their daily fitness routines. Your 10-minutes of jumping daily is three times more beneficial than running or jogging. So, why run for hours when you can benefit without it? Jumping is something that will delight you

Stronger Bones

image of a skeleton, bones get stronger with jumping

Benefits of Jumping. How do they strengthen the bones and stop brittle bone disease? Many would recommend visiting an orthopaedic surgeon. This route is acceptable if there is an issue, but what you can do as a precautionary measure? Go jumping and make your bones stronger. With regular jumping, you toughen up the bones and boost mineral content by creating pressure on the bones. With each of your landings doubling the level of gravity, it helps bones a great deal.

Feel energetic

Image of a sign for energy, and a jump helps create more  energy
More Energy

Jumping makes people feel more energetic and refreshed. We think more recharged immediately after concluding a jump session. It feels as if we have drunk an energy boost, as this is how we feel. Did you ever try to know why? Simply because jumping allows more oxygen to reach the body, or it increases the oxygen circulation in the body.

Normalization of blood pressure

Image of a blood pressure monitor, jumping help control blood pressure
Blood Pressure

Many health issues happen when the blood pressure level is not typical. We need to visit a doctor when our blood pressure deviates from normal functioning or efficiency. People always try to keep their blood pressure regularly and keep cardiovascular diseases away. And this is where jumping helps a lot by keeping things regular. That apart, it perks up the activity of red bone marrow to influence the production of red blood cells.

Boost to lymphatic system

Image of a lymph system diagram, to jump aids your lymph system
Boost the Lymph System

The lymphatic system in the body must also be stimulated kept clean regularly. And by doing this, the circulation of lymphatic fluid is boosted. Also, more toxins are kept out of the body if more lymphatic fluid circulates in the system. And once the body is free from toxins, it means the immune system is enhanced. And the body becomes more sensitive to keeping diseases out.

Weight loss

Image of obesity to support the text, jumping aids weight loss
Weight Loss

Jumping is great to help you lose weight and gain a fit body. When you jump, more calories are burnt, and your metabolism improves. You won’t gain weight, but, you can lose weight if you do a 10-minute jump daily. Stop those running sessions as they won’t benefit as much as jumping. Get three times more impactful results and stop obesity from reaching you.

Improved digestion

Image of the digestive system which can be improved with regular jump training
Digestive System

Having improved digestion means your body is free from many potential health problems and risks. So, anything that betters digestion should be grabbed. When jumping, it contracts and relaxes muscles to clean the digestive tract. With this cleaning, digestion perks up and you are saved a lot of bodily discomfitures.

Be free from depression and stress

Alone and isolated this man is feeling totally alone with depression but to do regular jump training you can control stress
Helps to avoid serious health effects like Depression

Did you know that your regular jumping sessions keep you from stress and depression? When you do jump, it helps in the stabilisation of the nervous system. This stabilisation induces the release of a substance – serotonin – which is effective against problems related to stress and depression. So you can include jumps in your daily exercise routine to stay anxiety-free.

Superior mental performance

Image of a bright brain wave, jump traininf helps to make you happy and increases you cognitive ability
Bright Idea

Do you know that we learn easily and quickly when we’re happy? If you did not, don’t worry; try to be as comfortable as possible. This way, you grasp things far more accessible and speedily than those in an unhappy state. Our mental faculties improve when we are happy, which leads to superior cognitive performance. Even medical sciences have confirmed this long ago. So, include jumping in your daily exercise regimen and turn your learning process sharper.

Fatigue-free existence

Image of an energetic jump this helps create more energy
Freedom from Fatigue

Our frequent bouts of fatigue have a lot to do with the kind of stamina and endurance we possess. We may feel sleepy and tired easily and quickly if our stamina level is not good. Similarly, physical flexibility and agility play a significant role in how we feel either exhausted or worn out. If we’re not flexible or our agility level of not good, we are more likely to feel fatigued. Your regular sessions of jumping boost your flexibility, agility, stamina and endurance.

In Conclusion

Jumping brings much more health benefits than anyone could even think of. And given the level of fun and simplicity involved in it, you should include it in your daily exercise schedules. After all, being fit should be fun, not a dull affair. In addition, you can use a jump rope to make your jumps more exiting.


Benefits of Jumping

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to. So please do your due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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6 replies on “Benefits of Jumping”

Hello June, thank you for taking the time to comment, I am happy you appreciate the simplicity but, also, great benefits of jumping, it really is so good for you. All the very best Ian

I was becoming frail and my breathing got challenged at a very small incline. I became breathless. The skipping rope changed all that. I couldn’t jump more than 5 skips without an entanglement. But now I can do more than 100 graceful jumps.

Hi Deejay, thank you for taking the time to make a comment, using a jump rope is just so good an exercise for remaining fit and healthy, I am glad you enjoy your skipping, take care all the very best Ian

i am 74 plus years im skipping nearly daily basis,doing normal skips runnings on one spot etc

Hi, Edward, thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate that very much, I am 74 and I skip regularly, it is a great way to exercise, keep up the good training, all the very best Ian

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