Compound Exercise

Compound Exercises Use More Muscle Groups

Compound Exercise. A compound exercise uses groups of muscles. Furthermore, it is effective at burning calories and building strength in muscles. Also, beneficial for improving fitness, strength and increasing longevity. So then, the fitter and stronger you are the better your ability to remain independent, with good longevity.

Exercises for this Two Week Period.

Compound Exercise. Exercise one, Bent Over Rows elicits large muscle activation through the lower and upper back in a symmetrical manner. And which makes them such a great choice for muscular strength building. Also, the bent-over row is a basic yet demanding exercise. Consequently, it works all of the back muscles effectively, the latissimus dorsi in particular. So then, it is an excellent way to thicken the middle muscle fibres in this area and to gain overall strength. Also, it gives the torso and legs an isometric workout. Do this exercise 5 times and build up to 5 sets

Lying Chest Press

Compound Exercise. Exercise two. The chest press is one of the best chest exercises for building upper body strength. The chest press targets your pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. Also, building muscle tissue and strength. It also works your serratus anterior and biceps. However, I chose the floor for this exercise to give you practice at getting down and up from the floor. In addition, it is an indicator of longevity according to scientists Do this exercise 5 times and build up to 5 sets

Compound Exercise

Compound Exercise. Exercise three. is a compound exercise that incorporates 3 separate moves. A squat, a bicep curl and an overhead press. And together this is a full-body exercise. So then, this exercises the legs, core, back, chest and arms. In addition, it will help to build strength flexibility and improve mobility. Do this exercise 5 times and build up to 5 sets

In Conclusion

It is important to follow the exercises and complete them. Remember any exercise is better than no exercise. You must try to do the best you can, and the more you practise the easier it will get. Good luck.

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