Compound Exercise 2

Compound Exercise 2

What are Compound Exercises

Compound Exercise 2. Compound exercises are exercises that activate multiple muscle groups simultaneously. So then, an example is the bench press which targets your chest, shoulders, triceps and forearms. all of which are very commonly used in strength and conditioning workouts. The benefit of isolated exercise is that it helps target a specific muscle group. However, some benefits of performing compound over isolated exercises include:

  • Time-Efficient: Compound exercises allow you to use your time exercising more effectively since they engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Your workout routine should consist of primarily compound exercises if you have limited time to exercise.
  • Calorie Burner: Compound exercises are excellent calorie burners, they burn way more calories as compared to relying on isolated ones. And since they require more energy to activate multiple muscle groups simultaneously. They also increase your metabolism, which results in your muscles burning more calories even after your workout.
  • Reduces Muscle Imbalance: Compound exercises help prevent muscle imbalances. For example, by only focusing on bicep curls, your arms may end up bigger than other muscles groups like your shoulders and chest. Compound exercises reduce the risk of that, allowing your muscles to grow as one, becoming stronger together.

Modified Dead Lift

Deadlift as part of Compound exercise

Compound Exercise 2. The deadlift is an essential compound exercise that many professionals rely on when doing strength and conditioning training. It not only strengthens your muscles and core but also improves your posture. The muscles activated during deadlifts include your back, lats, hamstrings, core, glutes, and forearms. Also commonly used because of its efficiency in building muscle mass. Complete 10 deadlifts as part of Set 1

Bicep Curls

Image of a Bicep Curl to support the text
The Bicep Curl

Compound Exercise 2. A bicep curl is Flexion – bending a joint. This occurs when the angle of a joint decreases. For example, the elbow flexes when performing a biceps curl. Extension – straightening a joint. The Biceps Brachii is a two-headed muscle that is located on the front of your upper arm. The Biceps are strengthened when you perform elbow flexion. Elbow flexion is most commonly known as arm curls or biceps curls. Complete 10 Bicep Curls as part of Set 1

Overhead Press

Image of an Overhead Press to support the text about compound exercises
The Overhead Press

The overhead press is one of the best upper body exercises for gaining muscle and overall strength in the shoulders. This compound exercise is considered of one the big four lifts that defines your strength. The overhead press is sometimes called shoulder press, and is often abbreviated as OHP. The overhead press is an amazing movement to build shoulders, traps, triceps, upper chest and core. To have a strong upper body you must master the overhead press. Complete 10 Overhead Presses as part of Set 1

Try to complete 2 or 3 sets if possible or what ever you can, afterwards follow with a finisher combining all three as one compound exercise.

Compound Exercise Combining all Three

By combining all three exercises into one combined exercise you are increasing your ability to build strength. In addition, this combination used at the end of your sets is a great finisher to help prepare your muscles to get stronger. complete 10 or what you can do. For two weeks do these 3 days but 5 days is better if you can manage it.

Compound Exercise

In Conclusion

Compound exercises are a great way to to build strength, burn calories which aids weight loss. Once these exercises are done on a regular basis the weight can be increased to maintain progress and build strength. Remember you get out of these exercises what you put into them.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to. So please do your due diligence before trying anything new, including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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Hi Carol, At 71 when I realised I was getting weak and beginning frailty, I was concerned, I had realised after sitting for a period of time like eating or watching the TV, when I got up my knees were stiff and I would have to pause to let everything catch up before I walked off. In the mornings just after getting out of my bed my balance was unstable, and occasionally if I tried to move my head quickly I would feel unsteady, I did balance exercises every day, along with fitness, and it took time but my balance improved, balance is a function that anyone can improve with practice, the more you practice the better it will improve, years of inactivity are not reversed overnight it takes time, but the benefits are worth the effort. Thanks for letting me know that comments are disabled on Quora, I had no idea but will fix that, I appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback, I try hard to ensure all my posts, give good advice that helps them, So thank you Carol and good luck, practice your balance as much as you can as safely as you can, good luck, Ian

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