The Benefits of Physical Activity

The Benefits of Physical Activity. Do you want to live longer, have better health? more energy and reduced stress. A stronger heart, stronger bones and the strength to live independently with the quality of life you would like.

Physical activity is the number one way

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Regular exercise will benefit you

The Benefits of Physical Activity. But did you know, you don’t need to follow a formal exercise routine or go to a gym or have a personal trainer to achieve this? So then you can get the benefits of physical activity by simply taking bike rides, walking or jogging or even playing with your grandchildren. However, it is most important to maintain physical activity regularly to enjoy the benefits. Consequently, this has to be a serious commitment on a regular basis to reap the benefits.

Age makes this a little more of a challenge

As we age, we lose muscle mass regularly as a natural process (sarcopenia), leaving us weak. Similarly, we lose bone density through another natural process (somatopause) leaving us frail.. Consequently, combined these two natural processes leave us vulnerable to falls and serious injury. In this case, the best way to counter this is by using resistance exercises. Also, resistance exercises will increase strength and bone density if it is progressive and challenging, and you commit to it.

For your heart

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Physical exercise strengthens your heart

Benefits of Physical Activity. Being heart-healthy is very important; it is no joke that a quarter of all deaths in the UK, USA are attributed to heart diseases. But, although heart disease is a serious problem, it has straightforward prevention, regular exercise. Hence, any physical activity that increases your heart rate and gets you breathing faster is an activity that will challenge your heart. And to work harder and more efficiently. So, resistance exercises, jogging, jump rope or bike riding will encourage your heart to work harder and get stronger and healthier. Also, regular brisk walking especially if it includes hills and inclines

For your bones

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Resistance exercise strengthens your muscles and bones

One of the most important benefits of physical activity is healthy bones. So, when you pick up weights to work out, your body will respond by strengthening your muscles and bones to accommodate a heavier workload. Similarly, high impact exercises fortify your bones. Therefore, when you go running or climbing stairs or hills, for instance, your body is bearing its own weight. As a result, to make sure it can perform this way, your body responds by strengthening your muscles and bones. By the way, the saying uses it or lose it fits this perfectly. If you are just inactive and never challenge your bones to be strong. So then, you are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis (a weakening of the bones).

Increased energy levels

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Regular exercise will build energy levels

If you start a new routine of resistance exercise or walking, jogging or bike riding every morning, you may get sore muscles for the first week. However, after that week, your body will adjust to the ‘challenge’ you gave it and adapt. So then, if you ask your body to participate in increased levels of physical activity, you may be as tired as you were sore. However, over time, your body will develop MORE ENERGY because it knows that you need more energy in your days now. Physical activity will also send more blood pumping through you and help your body work more efficiently. As a result, this translates to more energy for you.

Improved physical appearance

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Exercise helps you lose unwanted fat

One of the main benefits of physical activity is weight loss. As a result of increased physical activity, you will naturally burn more calories. So then, if you combine this new routine with a healthy diet. Hence, your body will reduce the fat it’s carrying, and your health will improve. For example, for you to see these results, about 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise is needed per day. Soon you will be shopping for smaller clothes.

Improved mental health

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Exercise improves mental health

An important point to know is that your physical health and your mental health are linked. So, it is easy to forget this connection and to only care about your physical health. But your mental state is just as important. When you engage in consistent physical activity, you may notice a gradual but significant shift in your mental health. Consequently, the mix of hormones released during exercise, along with an improved self-image, can significantly improve your mental state. In other words, look good feel good.

It helps to prevent serious diseases

Studies have shown that maintaining regular physical activity can prevent many common diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Exercise improves overall immune function, which is important for older adults as their immune systems are often compromised. Even light exercise, such as walking, can be a powerful tool for preventable disease management.

Physical activity benefits not just you

Your example may wow others

It’s essential to take care of all aspects of your health, both physical and mental. Lastly, it’s YOUR heart, body and mind that you live in. When you prioritise your health, know that you are setting an example to your family, one they might follow. However, if you have no family, you will still be setting an example for those who know you.

In Conclusion

There is no substitute for physical exercise; it has such important benefits when it becomes a regular habit. And of course, it is hard to get started, but that does not last long if you persevere. Regular exercise reduces doctors visits. The more you improve, the less you will need medical treatment.

Important Note *

Remember that everyone is different, and it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find what your body responds to… Please do your own due diligence before trying anything new including getting Medical Advice to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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2 replies on “The Benefits of Physical Activity”

Sitting here in my chair propped up as I appear to be suffering from sciatica. I found out just as covid was ramping up that I have osteoarthritis in one knee and of course with 2 years of less activity, I feel like I am falling apart having just turned 65. I do walk for an hour in the morning and exercise virtually with girlfriends twice a week (upper body with 6 lb weights, crunches, scissors, etc.). But it doesn’t appear to be enough as I can feel my flexibility and balance decreasing alarmingly. I loved zumba cardio but with my bad knee, I do not think it is a wise option any more even with the knee brace.

Hi Viv, Can I suggest you read my post making weights at home? You can have those and work out at home without going out; it is the system I used to start getting fit; it is an extra option for you when you are exercising virtually with your girlfriends. I have posted arm exercises, and leg exercises are coming very soon. In addition, Balance and flexibility exercises are also going to be posted soon. I feel sure you will get some good benefits with these, balance and flexibility, are use it or lose it functions, which require regular attention. So please stand by for them. Thank you for your comment and for being with pensioner fitness. Ian

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